Welcome to the Digital Self-Promotion Registry!

When you post self-promotional material on the internet without the benefit of a contract, it can be stolen, inserted into other productions or misused without your permission. Others can make money from your performance without paying you for the use of your performance.

Under the law, content/copyright owners have rights, but they must have evidence of their claim.

Registering your self-promotional material with ACTRA Toronto will help to protect your rights by providing you with a dated registry number as evidence to your claim of authorship/ownership. And you will be backed up by the strength of your union.

The Digital Self-Promotion Registry allows ACTRA Toronto members to promote their skills on the internet while being protected by and remaining in good standing with their union.

In 2007, we held a strike to defend our jurisdiction in digital media and won the right to be paid for the use of our performances – regardless of the medium on which they are broadcast. To maintain our rights in the digital world, we must, as ACTRA members, ensure our work, even when self-produced, is properly contracted. This includes self-promotional content broadcast on the internet.

Don’t lose control or ownership of your work. Build your career in a way that keeps you protected. Use the links below to find out more about the Digital Self-Promote (DSP) Registry and register your self-promotional material with ACTRA Toronto today.